The C2S@Exa team

C2S@Exa was an Inria project lab. (IPL) funded from 2012 to 2016.

C2S@Exa was concerned with the development of numerical modeling methodologies that fully exploit the processing capabilities of modern massively parallel architectures in the context of a number of selected applications related to important scientific and technological challenges for the quality and the security of life in our society. The Gysela5D code was one of the demonstrators used in the project.

I participated to C2S@Exa both as an expert of the Gysela5D code and as a researcher on the programming models for HPC aspects. The PhD thesis of Jérôme Richard and the Master’s internship of Ksander Ejjaaouani were funded by C2S@Exa.

Julien Bigot
Julien Bigot
Permanent Research Scientist